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Spring is the Time


Spring is the time,

With warm sunshine,

Shaking off cold,

Winter is old.

Crocus through snow,

Quickly will grow.

Color displays.

Springtime, hurray!


Tired of snow,

Just so you know,

It soon will be gone,

Knew it all along.

Spring welcomes guest,

Back to their nest.

Feathered friends sing,

Songs bring in spring.


Robins in snow,

What do they know?

Always a good sign,

Seeing them dine.

Peepers’ voice,

Springtime noise.

Echoes greetings,

Welcome feelings.


Bark from a log,

Hair from a dog,

Sticks for the strength,

Various lengths.

Home for their chicks,

Parenting tricks.

Nature knows best.

When building nest.

© 2021 Diana L Pierce

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