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Spring is a Thing

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.



Spring is a thing

And an action

Like if you step on a spring it’s a thing

That might put some spring in your step

A kind of pep

And vim

And vigor

In the gait

Spring is a thing

And a season

Like if you sit in a spring it’s a thing

You might do when spring’s flowers bloom

A kind of spa

That’s warm

And soothing

To old bones

So you could step on a spring

Or sit in a spring

And both could put spring in your step

In spring

When the birds sing

And buds begin to open

Or any time at all

Though in the fall

Or winter

Sitting in a spring

Might bring chills

Or other ills

More severe

You could spring a trap

So the bunny or squirrel or wolf

Doesn’t get caught

Or you could hear the spring snap

When the cheese

Is approached by mouse number one

And watch number two run

With the little yellow ball in its teeth

The smarter of the pair

The one still alive

(S)he’ll probably thrive

Understanding that thing

The spring

Will ring

The neck

Of whoever goes first

After you

No, after you

No, really, I insist

Oh well, in that case

I’ll spring for dinner

Be right back

Only (s)he won’t

Dear Mrs. Mouse

Hate to spring this

On you so suddenly

But the spring of your off

The one that sprang forth

From your womb

Is now in a tomb

Here lies the one

Who went first

Buried in spring

When robins sing

And red wing blackbirds

Begin to bring

The season ‘round

The lovely sound of their voices

Hope the males’ choices

Are right

And it’s not too early

That it’s really spring

That it’s really sprung

And that it’s brung

Along with it

The thing

That will put some spring

Back in our steps:

Spring is that thing

When all’s new

Like when the sun’s brilliant round edge

Pushes above the far horizon

And signals dawn

The day

Is starting

Spring out of bed

And rush outside to meet it…

Greetings, my long, lost friend

I'm so glad you’re here again

Please stay for a while...

© 2021 greg cain

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