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Spring Melody


Who sings those enchanting song,
and wake the dormant boiling blood?
Their singing interrupt the silence,
and it seemed to me, as if
they were singing, a welcome to the spring.

I opened my window
in the blue dawn,
listening to those sounds
above my lawn.

And when the sun rose,
and darkness disappeared,
I saw, on the fruit trees,
Magic plays its game
So gorgeous, with drops of rain.

The golden sun shines over the trees,
And a little bird, between their leaves
is still singing a song, on the light
And I know,
That was a singer all that night.


Everyone wants to wake up with the enchanting song of a bird at dawn. Everyone wants to hear that. It feels like you are in heaven. Only some birds have the ability to sing. Male birds usually use their song to attract females during the spring and one of the best singing birds in the world is a beautiful nightingale. I am so happy that I can hear their song, and I can enjoy those moments. If you can hear them too, be grateful for that.


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