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seasonal Poetry: When Spring Finally Arrives Here: A Poem

Tim Truzy is a poet, short-story author, and he is currently working on several novels.

Spring can bring back memories.

Spring can bring back memories.

Memories of Spring

I recall fond memories of school letting out for spring break. I explored the woods on my own during those times. My teenage mind recognized the power of His plan to demonstrate magnificence in the face of our wanton neglect and frequent contempt for Creation. I spent days by the river listening to the water splash and the birds chirping gloriously. Essentially, staying in touch with nature is equivalent to knowing my humanity even today.

I ponder about poets and writers who spent time with nature. Particularly, I contemplate how life must have been for the Father of Environmentalism, Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862). Thoreau wrote about nature and befriended Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thoreau is best known for his book, Walden Pond but his powerful essay on civil disobedience influenced Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as Gandhi. Below is a poem dedicated to the beauty of nature and writers such as Thoreau who reminds us we are a part of the world we observe and live in. Enjoy: When Spring Finally Arrives Here.


Flowers are some of the first plants to know spring has arrived.

Flowers are some of the first plants to know spring has arrived.

When Spring Finally Arrives Here

Flowers sing the new season,

An orchestra of colors unified,

Blue violets, red roses harmonize,

Striking symphony with poses.

Pollinators tune in,

Audience abuzz with the quiet audio,

Bees make honey to guzzle,

Congratulating petals as they go.

Fragrance of rebirth and triumph,

Winter exits with frigid bow,

Spring owns meadow and nature,

Beginning again starts now.

Birds gone away back to stay,

Building nests in nearby trees,

Green, yellow, and all the rainbow,

Cheery foul and shades of leaves.

Even my steps fresh springing to March,

To spring water filling my pursed cup,

Season of revitalization,

Asleep the cold the warmth waking up.

We drink up springtime.

We drink up springtime.

Scampering pace Past River running,

School breaks while Mother Earth heals,

Schemes hatching to re-energize,

School mates water and land life revealed.

Soft sunny grasses enticing,

Teeming with tender tales to come,

Sweet scents of awaited promise,

Sharing the song hummingbirds hum.

I absorb all these lush movements,

And farmers hurry to seed the fields,

Performers in a yearly musical,

Like squirrels scurrying Nature’s yield.

And paired eagles lazily pass,

Tilting wings in salutation,

Off they go soaring to mountain peaks,

Their babies and nests have reservations.

Watching and listening from my porch swing,

Season defrosting hearts frozen hard,

My tool shed melody beckons again,

Springing up I rake and mow the yard.


Spring is an interesting and fun time of year.

Spring is an interesting and fun time of year.

Interesting Facts about Spring

Experiencing the season of spring depends on your location on Earth. While the northern hemisphere is experiencing spring, the southern hemisphere of the planet is seeing autumn. But people living near the equator may see little change throughout the year with regard to temperatures. In the Far North, six months of continuous sunlight will commence while the situation is reversed in the furthest southern part of the world. By contrast, in the autumn in the far northern hemisphere, darkness will begin while the extreme opposite portion of the globe receives nearly a half year of sunlight.

When does Spring Begin?

Spring begins on the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere. The first day of spring can be either March 19th, 20th, or the 21th. This date marks the time when the hours between daylight and night time are divided equally. Such an occurrence happens again on the first day of fall. However, there is more sunlight starting in the spring because the Earth tilts more toward the sun on its axis. Hurricane season also begins in the spring, and tornadoes are more frequent in the United States during this time. In fact, meteorological spring begins March 1, a time in which the temperature will rise approximately ten degrees over the coming month.

Holidays Occurring in Spring

The word “spring” has been used since about the 1600s, but when the season begins, many celebrations take place. For example, the first day of spring is the Persian New Year, which is called Nowruz. Nowruz lasts thirteen days. Other holidays which occur in spring include: Mother’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and April fool’s Day. People also celebrate: Passover, Father’s day, and the Hindu holiday known as Holi. The first flowers to appear in spring normally are dandelions, daffodils, irises, lilacs, lilies, and tulips. Many people celebrate the season by engaging in "spring cleaning," a term first used in the 1850s.

Many people find spring to be the most beautiful and inspirational of the seasons.

Many people find spring to be the most beautiful and inspirational of the seasons.


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