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Spring I Found During Amihan Season: Series of Hope.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

The Spring I Found In Amihan Season.

Amihan is associated with cold temperatures for a couple of months due to the Northeast Monsoon.

Season of Spring is usually associated with something that blooms (Cherry Blossom) and a symbol of hope & new beginnings.

People in the Eastern part of Asia primarily Japan, Korea, and China look forward to the warmth of Spring after going through a tough, chilly, sometimes deadly Winter.

Spring is also a season for graduation of students and perfect time to have picnic and enjoy the weather with your loved ones.

Written by: Gianella Labrador

October 30, 2021

Love I Found at an Unexpected Road Trip.

As if God has answered our Prayers,

We were both yearning and praying for;

A place to breathe, experience something new.

Somewhere far we’ve never been to.

Exploring the streets, despite uncertainties.

Where it will take us? That, we don’t know.

But let’s just enjoy and see how it goes.

We decided to meet halfway.

Where a single penny can go a long way.

Just believe, we’ll somehow reach our destination.

If you follow your instincts, it will lead you to the right direction.

Funny how everything was unplanned, but somehow,

We managed to be productive and everything went smoothly.

It was like a rainbow has come after the rain.

A sunshine has strucked the neighborhood where we were.

Word to describe the day? Patience. Patience is the key.

After this encounter, I realized

Waiting game is not that bad.

As long as, you have someone by your side.

As long as, you won’t feel scared of being alone while waiting.

As long as, you make the most of your time while enjoying it.

Cause, when you are with someone,

You won’t be anxious and fidgety as time ticks.

No matter how long it will take,

You’ll be fine cause someone is there with you.

All throughout the process.

A Short Escape that filled the Happiness Bar.

When I was riding a bus, alone in a chilly morning.

Unsure of the path I was gonna take.

There was a feeling of will I get there smoothly?

Will I get lost?

Then there’s the feeling that;

“Finally, I’m able to travel long distance on my own.”

I used to get anxious, because of the pandemic.

It really takes a courage to take a step out of your zone.

Go out and trust your instincts.

That’s how you’ll learn how life works on the streets.

You can always ask. You don’t know everything.

And Not Knowing Everything is Totally FINE.

The Beauty of Life I found after being in Darkness.

Life is all that.

It is a long journey filled with uncertainties.

It is filled with tons of waiting game.

Sometimes you don’t know where you are headed to.

But all you have to do is ask.

Ask for directions. Ask for guidance. Ask for help.

If you are lost and troubled, ask again.

There you’ll know and you’ll find an answer.

It’s the process we go through to learn something about Life.

What matters is that in every step of the way,

You enjoy it and make the most out of it.

Leave no regrets behind as you go forward for the next.

It will still be a long long way, but at the very least,

You are in for a ride and it’s already taking you somewhere.

Somewhere where you’ll find a lot of things has in stored for you.

People who will be there to cheer you and support you all the way.

There might be so little who acknowledge your efforts and achievements,

There might be a lot of people trying to pull your confidence down,

Saying what you do is like you’ll go nowhere if you pursue it,

There might be only few who believes in your capabilities right now,

But believe me, it will all be worth it when you get close to the finish line.

Someone is just right in the shadows, supporting your endeavors.

You are already doing great. Be proud of yourself.

The fact that you decided not to give up on reaching your dreams,

That’s already something to be praised.

The fact that you decided to stay and still move forward with life,

You should give yourself a pat on the back.

You are honing yourself more to be strong and conquer all the trials life throws.

That alone is something to be proud of.

You are doing great.

It will still get tough in the future, but you’ll still make it through.

You are not alone. Someone will be there for you.

They got you behind your back in case you need them.

Take short breaks if you feel tired and exhausted.

But be hopeful you’ll make it if you keep going once you’re ready again.

For like dealing a very tough time during winter with extreme cold weather and snow,

The flowers will bloom again on Spring.

After making it through a howling raging storm, comes the calmness we find in Spring.

It might be a tough situation for you right now, but just like how the nature flows,

You’ll be able to surpass all that in time.

Trust the process and it will be alright soon.

You just always have to buckle up and hold on tight.

Because most of the time, the ride you are in won’t be chill and cozy.

It will be a mix of all extreme rides you’ll ever have.

Still, don’t fret that much.

Everything will always have to come to an end.

Just like this one.

Stay safe. Stay Blessed. Stay don’t go away.

You are loved. You matter.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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