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Spontaneity at It's Best

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When Your Tired And Laying In Bed

The most beautiful thoughts come dancing in your head

You have tried many things that don't work

For many years this has been the norm

No matter how hard you have worked

So many sleepless days and nights

No matter how much you believed it to be possible

It just didn't happen

So it wasn't nothing you did

It was not meant to be

The time wasn't right

One day all things will line up

Then you will know why you had to wait so long

Life teaches us many lessons

Ready or not

We may think many thoughts

Why not me?

How come ?

What can I do different to make it happen?

I have only one answer

Try, try again

Never give up

There are many things in this world we don't know

Life is filled with the unknown

Instead of cursing it

Embrace it

Celebrate all your failures as well as your accomplishments

They are connected together

Think of them as two sides of a coin

Tails shows the many sides of life we don't know

Heads shows what can happen when we put our mind to it

I have flipped the coin so many times

My arms are tired

My eyes are watery

That never stopped me from keep trying

Sometimes I give it a rest

Sometimes I go crazy all gun ho in one day

Other times I try, then try again a little later

One day

The coin will reveal heads

I was more surprised than you

What do I do ?

My first thought

This can't be true

Then after blinking many times

Things didn't change

I could celebrate

Who would believe me?

This is the day I have been dreaming about for my whole life

I am so use to seeing tails

I was about to say

What story is it this time

My mind began to repeat the past

Words were flowing faster and faster

Out of my mouth

I had to stop


It didn't work the first time

Stop! Stop! Stop!

I call them tall tales but they really do happen

I exaggerate for effect

I make them larger than life

Like finding a salamander in the yard

I call it a dragon

It was ferocious

I was fearless

No where to turn

No where to run

It was going to be me or the dragon

Face to face

I had to stand tall

I looked the dragon straight in the eye

I had no time to think

One wrong move and I was a goner

Could I sleigh the dragon

If I looked away

The dragon with one swipe

Turn me into mush

Would I suffer in pain?

Would I have a chance to fight back?

Would we both die in the end?

After one long stare

The dragon turned away

Thinking maybe the same thoughts I thought

We both will live to see another day

© 2022 DREAM ON