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Spoken but Never Written


So Many People Talk Up A Good Game

Watch people talk

Just sit back and listen

People want to think they have all the answers

Keep mental notes of what goes on

Later write some important points down

You can see

They don't follow through

There views change and they hope you don't remember

When reminded of what they said

They deny,deny and deny

After reminding them you have proof

They change the subject and don't care any longer

You have stumped them

Most people are good at one thing

Their expertise takes time and energy

There isn't enough time in the day

To excel in many areas of interest

Find what you love

Then stick with it

You can always check back

Because you have a reference of information


DREAM ON (author) on July 25, 2019:

Tim Truzy I find it so easy to start one project and before it is done begin something else. I have to slow myself down. My head sometimes feels like the fourth of July with fireworks constantly going off. It is harder and harder to do one thing. I believe in having many irons in the fire, not just one. Twenty- five are just too too much. There are many times I get up earlier than I really want in an effort to squeeze one more hour in. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I appreciate any tips that you have also learned. Together we can accomplish a great deal. I trimmed down my free time to open up more writing time. May good healthy food fill your stomach as well as your mind.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on July 25, 2019:

How true you are, Dream On. There seems as if there isn't enough time in some days. I often wish time would give me more time many days before exhaustion sets in. Accurate to the letter. Respectfully, Tim