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Spoilt Child

I know I was a mistake.
A karmic message against the hypocrisy of the circumcised.
Blind dogs.
But they'll never accept it.
What's right is what they want and what's wrong is what they don't want.
Why can't they see!
What more can I do but pray!
Whatever will be will be.

How horrible for them.
To live day and night in a didactic theatre,
Yet never to learn a thing.
The unexamined life made all the more pathetic.
Fearful self entrapment.
Still there's no reason to not pray.

She cries for her abandonment all afternoon,
For her pains all through the night.
He leads himself into his own traps,
Day by day fuels his own insanity.
Hopeless in themselves.
Betrayed by both.

Still you'd say it's normal.
What's normal except what strives to fulfill its nature?
Why should the opposite be called normal!
Behold that same species that trains doctors and educates lawyers!

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