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Splitted By You

I'm a writer for my local newspaper. I'm married and I have three daughters, and cooking is one of my passions.

it was that moment
throught the special glasses
when the glimpse was there

I hated myself for that
when I had these thoughts
not so accurate anymore

crying helped a bit
to give the space
and grip the energy back

anxiety is not what is today
when I had these a lot
the past few months

over and over again
you splitted my brain
when I just wanted space

thinking, trying, and doing again
just to live the life I wanted
not the thoughts through my mind

every time I have you in my brain
there are the wrong answers
to help me understand myself

when I finally got back on track
another thought popped into my head
I don't want to have right now

when I heard the term writer
I knew we went meant for each other
to heal from the past and live today

© 2021 Agnes Laurens

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