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Spitting the Venom

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

This is me letting you go
This is me never crying over you
This is me going all viral
This is me spitting the venom I've long kept

The pain you caused gave me strength
The rain you prayed for washed my tears
The gain you taught me gave me new friends
The train you talked about took me away from you.

It has never been easy but am trying
It wasn't my all time goal but am learning
But why didn't you go ahead into fighting
For the only thing you ever cared for so deeply

Drowned and confused was my state
The world lied to me of a better life
I tried to hold on but the fight in me gave up
Tried to be sorry but it lacks meaning

I could have come to say sorry
Or maybe just stay over a while
But what difference could it have made
Since you never really wanted to see me

And now i stand here apologizing for my wrongs
Remember the memories we shared the story is long
I tried to forget you but your name was my favourite song
Im sorry if on your worst days i never came along

You always pushed me off
When I needed a shoulder to lean on
Why would I even consider it
That you come back to my life again?

Because now i have realized my mistakes
I want you to be part of my new symphony The part that i will always put on replay
The part that i will play even when we get old

How much I always dreamt
Of me being the refrain of your symphony
I wouldn't have wanted any better
Than to be the sweetest part of the symphony

I promise to never let your dreams down
I promise to never turn back on this promise
And i promise to heal the wounds that i caused
I promise to always write you poems

I promise to hold your hands,
I promise to always correct you,
I promise to create a new world with you,
And I promise to always share with you my pen.

Lets write this chapter together
To let you off my sight i will never
My never means forever
Through sun rain and night i mean forever

It's now our story
Are we gonna act it right
But I hope we don't mess up again
Because we want no more flaws

© 2018 BeckyTP

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