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Spit Of Fire

Arjun Sehgal is a Digital Marketing Strategist from India. He is a Creative Content Creator. He writes articles,poems,scripts,etc.

Backdrop : Spit of Fire

I usually write something a song, rap, poem, etc every few weeks. This morning i was doing the same and everything was coming together so seemlessly. I had the words the rhythm just not my soul.
There comes a point when you feel what is the purpose of this?
When the rage of fire

Spit of Fire

Spit of Fire

Spit of Fire

Spit of Fire

The fisty spit of fire you were,
Not just another object of desire you were.

I did everything in my love to be in your arms,
All you did is to give nothing but harm.

I never prayed for you to suffer,
But karma has a way and it never differs.

Now that you are in the tears of love,
There is nothing you can do just sit like a dove.

An object of beauty,
a symbol of peace.

The one which you were,
The one I could never keep.

© 2017 Arjun Sehgal