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Spirituality---Poems About Religion and Spiritual Growth

Brittany is an self-published author, blogger, poet, and book reviewer who lives in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.


Writing with a Purpose

I used to think that if I created make believe worlds in my head the story would automatically come to life. This is just not so. A writer has to have passion for his/her words to speak volumes. A purpose that inspires the writer to write. For myself, sometimes my inspiration comes from my spiritual path. Faith is a big part of who I am and writing about experiences and learning strategies certainly helps me as a believer of God and also as a professional writer. Below, I will provide poetry pieces that represent God, Jesus, or spirituality in general.

Personal Relationship with the Creator

As a believer, I personally believe that anyone needs to have some sort of personal relationship with God to grow on their spiritual journey. Reading the bible and other material is also a necessity to grow in your faith. I have a difficult time reading my bible daily, and I thank God for having technology to watch a video or listen to a podcast if I'm not able to figure out something on my own. Writing is a reflective time for me, and I feel that writing spiritual poems helps me soak in any lessons that I've learned. Here is one example of yearning for a relationship with God through poetry:

I need you, God, everyday

While I laugh, cry, and play

I need you, God, in darkness and light

Help me not to resist you tonight

I need you, God, during the rain

Help me not to wail and complain

I need you, God, through all my days

Help me focus on You and give You praise


Poetry About Jesus

This section will focus on Jesus through poetry.

Just and mighty

Empowering to all

Savior of all men

Upholding God's plan

Saving mankind

I open my heart to you, Jesus

I choose to walk with you

Situations may not always go my way

But you'll give me strength to walk me through

I fix my eyes on you, Jesus

I'll most likely receive daggers from eyes

Although the road is rough

With you I'll slowly rise

I'll live my life through you, Jesus

You give me meaning and hope

I know I have my doubts

And you help clear my eyes from smoke

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