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Spirits in the Shadows

Writer, author, short story writer, poet, youtuber, blogger.


Hidden souls

Spirits abound in this physical dimension. Clear from its spectral space, it is as if both worlds are mixed.

Hidden from their transparency, they spy on us. but there are some people who can see them. And they often ignore it or forget it. Then from their hiding place they hide even more, from those who, by their gifts, can see them. Then they present themselves, either in nightmares, or simply by looking shamelessly to scare.

Other times they literally attack, bringing their mucous essence closer to our touch. The only infallible way to fight them is primarily through prayer, faith and total liberation from fear.

Some of these spirits are ghosts, other fallen angels, fractions of spiritual essences left by the ingrains of the materiality at the time of leaving, others are just lapses of events whose filming in time, is latent, as if they were old movies.


Dark and white ghosts ...

And I saw how that story was becoming blurred,

The routines became nothing, smoke and forgetfulness.

Matter succumbed,
and on the earthly side there was nothing already.

But in the spiritual yes,
among the mysteries of that dimension, yes.

Thoughts continued with their existence and smoke lives, weightless and endless, floated between landscapes of love or hate.


The traveling spirit

A brief calm governs me,
a pleasant coldness wakes me up
and I leave my newly buried body.
I went back to him, thinking that I would wake up,
but I trespassed it and I felt that it floated
every time, I tried to wake up.

I wandered between times and landscapes,
imaginary experiences and kisses.
Real kisses and pressed to my body rigid
I lie in the grass of the sun.
sighs of mint,
they rise in my awake psyche.
Positive emotions, they shoot me to the sky.
And in a vertiginous way I enter a modern space,
on an intergalactic trip, towards the city of God.

The other extraterrestrial beings are diafanos, and transparent,
like hundreds of spirits that I see coming through others
The spacecraft is huge, as are its replicas,
in the dark space of nothingness poured into the spiritual life.
Human energies positives are sent to the city of gold,
like spheres or lights that float
and where each mind lives and rests.


From the spiritual dimension

Floating in the fog,
with zero thoughts ...
submerge in the cold air,
and then swim in reality
with the placidity of the corporeal rhymes.

Sleep and then wake up watching,
those faces diffused by earth time.
teleport in the centuries,
spy on each of the past lives,
that abandoned in each era.

he dream, él wake up, and he live all the realities,
alternate, fictitious or unreal.
He talk with whom could be born, but was not born,
It grew in the other dimension.
His words are wise, and his hopes,
To step on the earth, and add another carnal experience,
They are big, and accurate.

Soon, not only will he be born, but many aborted children,
and not aborted.
They will have another chance in that place alone
where breathes happiness, but those spirits
They want to experience the life
as a human being.


The specters of the night

The night crumbles into darkness.
the threadbare sofa where she used to read stories,
it looks solitary and opaque among the ruin.
Navigate my wandering soul in every thought.

Silence transmutes stiff events,
and night sighs gravitate to moons,
The terrestrial hours are threaded to the concert,
of sepulchral voices of candles and lagoons.

The floating spirits leave the house,
into the dark forest of twilight.
The frozen bodies are now carcasses.

A parade of ethereal figures border the forest,
In colorful sights and perfumed smells,
between melodies and ghosts the orchestra continues.


The Creepy specters

Creepy specters gravitate to my side.
They repeat the last scene of his life.
Again and again, again and again.
I am terrified in my bed,
I live in a haunted house.

I watch the scenes like it's a movie
the beings do not see me,
and they execute their wicked deeds.

The violence struck them down,
One of them kill them all
and then he kill himself.

Jealousy, jealousy was the cause.
The man kills his wife
then to his children.

Repetitive his boring lives,
they think they are alive.
They have not realized that.
They died hundreds of years ago.

They are emaciated with a horrible appearance,
but they do not realize that they are horrendous.
That his face is a skull,
that his face has no skin,
and they show their skeleton
as if they really lived.

They walk with their bony shapes through the garden,
their ragged rags, shine before them,
like brand new clothes.
People run away in terror when they see them,
they can't understand that they don't notice
of his hideous appearance.

Sometimes they see someone alive,
and they get scared
thinking that the living are ghosts.

© 2018 Venus Mary