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Spirit Shadows

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Separating the spirits from the real

Never knowing what to expect

Sensing the joy that is left behind.

Shaping our lives around

The arguments and accidents

that have happened.

Separating the spirits of our lives

The happiness from the sadness

The good from the bad.

Letting the pain seep out and

Flow into the happiness.

Allowing the light into

The darkness that’s hidden there.

Clearing out the dust and

Binging on the times that

The light shattered the darkness.

Spirits slipping in and out

Of the shadows of the heart

Lying crushed on the floor.

Disturbed only by the shadows

Of the spirits that pass

Through in rhythm to the

Music playing in the background.

Burning and withering

Destroyed be the spirits

That cause the darkness to

Rise and take over the light

That is left in the heart that

Has just been tossed aside

Like a piece of non-essential

Trash on the floor.


© 2020 Emily

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