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Spiral motion

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Spiral motion

Never ending pattern of life that goes in spiral motion it's about time to let that portion dissolve. Skip that portion and never replay. If it reappeared, cancel, don't participate never hesitate.

If you have no self control you'll go back to the countless times where you laid dead, don't lose your energy and miss your soul.

If you keep letting it absorb the pattern, it'll start to absorb and swallow you whole.

Know when to depart. Don't focus on things that don't water your soil. Watch as you regrow your roots away from it all.

Make everything feel normal again

Heal don't kneel don't beg for it to be
leave it be and watch it fade along the way
save yourself don't let it sway the way you are

Forgive as well as the higher being above
look at the stars how they shine right through you
Oceans will clear, clouds will follow, the sun will light upon you, and you will be cleansed against the darkness that surrounds you.

Flowers may wither
but new life awaits.

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