He Got Rhymes

Updated on November 6, 2017

He got game

Is being pursued by a major college.
For his basketball skills. Ranked high in his state.
Became the the top in the United States.
While his father JAKE sits in prison.
Convicted for accidentally killing.
Jake is released temporarely.
To pursuade jesus into going.
Going to big state college.
That happens to be the governers college.
If he happens to complete it.
He will be released from prison.
The plan seems good. It sounds like it'll work.
But JESUS may not make it work.
because JESUS doesn't respect his father.
Still bitter because of him killing his mother.
Meanwhile, Jake gets back in the city.
He contacts his daughter MARY.
His daughter takes him to her house.
Not knowing that JESUS walks in the house.
He walks in and sees his father.
Then reminds mary about strangers.
Later, they meet up together.
JAKE questions where he's going
Hoping he chooses big state.
So that he's released to the place.
To the place where he'd be with his kids.
He later gets closer to his neighbor.
A prostitute named Dakota.
He then goes back to prison.
While his son makes his decision.
The governor calls in Jake.
Releasing him, because he chose BIG STATE

Denzel Washington
Jake Shuttlesworth
Ray Allen
Jesus Shuttlesworth

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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