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Spica of Iohannes Revelacio



I'm looking so deep into your eyes,
like the ocean pulling me deeper.
Embraced in your warmth, It felt so nice.
Spica; obsessed with seeing her.

Your stare that made me shiver,
counting from zero to nine,
Stunned by your gaze my dear,
Thy feeling assures you're mine.

Those deadly blue eyes,
that's so close to mine.
Our souls finally intertwined,
flesh by flesh now sealed by thy kiss.

This scene is taking away all my breath.
The only desire is to be with you.
And even on the passing of my death.
Through the multiverse, I'll always love you.

Still alive as I opened my eyes,
Last picture of you, all that suffice.
Holding thy frame, how can I endure?
For my weakness, you’re my only cure.

Your loving lips pressed gently on mine.
Eyes closed as I held your hands so tight.
There it flows, slowly drifting in line.
I'll come and go wherever it might.

Current journey must come to an end.
Thine affection, I pledged to defend.
Thy love, even in realms of divine;
Before the eyes of deities we dine.

© 2022 Iohannes Revelacio

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