Speilberg RHYMES

Updated on January 9, 2018


In 1946, a Jewish Family.
Gave birth to an icon in the industry.
Started his childhood in Ohio.
In just four yrs they decided to go.
To the beautiful city of New Jersey.
As a child, he was always moving.
He also faced difficulty.
Being a jew he wasn't thrilled in telling.
He hated his Jewish practices.
But repeatedly kept asking.
He loved his religion.
Just didn't like everything that came with it.
He was also bullied.
That played a huge part in him growing.
He started making little movies.
The start of him becoming.
Becoming one of the best directors.
Yrs later opportunities came.
He started being less ashamed.
He graduated from the early stage.
He paved his way to fame.

The Rise

He got his break.
In the profession, he earned his place.
He got a job in T.V.
But it was only a segment.
The stars of the show were reluctant.
Eventually, the young Steve.
Gave the show what it needs.
Universal watched his work.
They realized his worth.
They signed him to do four tv films.
Critics praised his work on all those films.
A major director was on the horizon.
Spielberg was offered more positions.
He directed the great movie JAWS.
The movie got an enormous applause.
It won three academy awards.
Many saw it and wanted him on board.
Despite the movie's success.
He chose to reject.
Reject the offer to direct Jaws 2.
Instead, he chose to do.
That film helped him rise.
He started trending worldwide.

Do what works

That movie was the start.
The start of INDIANA JONES.
The film quickly rose.
Quickly rose to the top.
There, he didn't stop.
He did another fiction
Called E.T. The lost alien.
E.T has one of the highest grosses.
E.T is one of his epics.
Epic movies of all time.
Winning big awards as it's prize.
For three straight years, he had big movies.
He even started appearing.
In musicians music videos.
Then started directing INDIAN JONES.
GREMLINS came next.
During the process, he met.
He met his wife.
He directed movies about life.
But didn't win the best director.
Which is still known as one.
One of the best films ever.
He went on to do better.
He directs his first Romantic film.
But is best at action films.

What Movies Need

Spielberg directed the hit HOOK.
That movie was one that took.
The world by storm.
He reminds them that the forms.
Forms and directs great movies.
He starting a franchise that's active presently.
This movie became large.
The film was huge at the box office.
While his film became listed.
As one of the greatest ever.
He took a break but came back better.
He directed Jurassic Parks sequel.
Which was a hit like the first two?
He went on using his expertise.
Sealing his place in the industry.
He took his talent overseas.
Speilberg is what movies need.
As the 2000's began.
His reign didn't come to end.
The film received mixed reports.
Films are known for its life sentence.
The film was a hit comically.
But also a hit critically.
In 2005 he was ranked.
Ranked as an all-time great.
He directed WAR OF THE WORLDS.
The film was a hit around the world.


Spielberg never stopped working.
At 71 he's still ticking.
Since the 1980s.
He's increased his role in producing.
From cartoons to making cameos.
On all the local t.v shows.
A jewish kid from Ohio.
Is now working with major studios.
Directing, producing. He's royalty.
Did what's needed for his family.
Hes net worthed at 3.7 billion.
His current success is still rising.
Rising because of his projects.
Overseas and in the U.S.
Working with rising and present stars.
Age shouldn't stop you from getting stars.

You have many years ahead of you to create the dream that we can't even imagine dreaming. You have done more for the collective unconsciousness of this planet that you will never know.

— Steven Speilberg

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius



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