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One way or the other
I'm going to come after you; no matter
how high you set the barricade — you can not
stop me from infiltrating; I'm the unstoppable
force, the human tornado that will clash
upon your beach like a tidal wave;
and then, I shall retract myself
again into the depths of the ocean...

You can not stop me
from entering your premises; because
I'm as expansive as the sky: I shall always be there
hovering over you, like a ghost, and even when
you're eating or defecating — you will not be
able to trick my all~seeing eyes:

I'm birthless, I'm deathless;
I'm the primordial force that wants
to love, and be loved;

I've been infected by you, and now I carry the
disease of your human civilization: the faces
of London or Lebanon, everywhere
you've treated me like a stray dog: I'm
now resolute to break the veils of your walls
and destroy you by imploding your
disease within your own self.

I'm the sibling of the Creator BRAHMA;
I'm the sister of the mighty Kaala (Time
itself); I create wealth as the tree creates
flowers; I have everything; —yet I need
you because you're like an engine
that runs on the fuel of love: I'm
love~incarnate. Because
I'm woman.
And the thing
that attracts me towards you: is speed.

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