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Speed Demon's Last Requiem: Time to Pay the Piper

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Always on the move every moment of the day

Cannot sit still even if multiple lives depending on it

Often told that people have to take Dramamine around me

Unable to allow more than a brief moment of inertia

Even when asleep in the most spacious King sized bed

A place fit enough for royalty cannot avoid constant motion

Restless as can be when time to turn off the lights

Mind moving faster than a V-8 engine on steroids

Trying to always satisfy the masses; not doing so half of the time

Galloping through workload doesn't always equal quality

Wrong letters dotted and others left completely uncrossed

Life more of a marathon than a sprint when it comes to the race

Bigwigs focused more on large output rather than seeing

If the wheels were falling off the axis or not

Despite being a high rated worker bee, excitement waning

With each passing day of the week blurring together

Added 5 minutes to the alarm clock each week

Pretty soon will be waking up when it's time to go home

Pulled over by the society police for being a nuisance on the streets

Being oblivious to the world around until it's almost too late

Nearly walked into the same pillar at the office twice in the morning

Focused on the paperwork in my right hand rather than what's in front

Imagined that possible moment on America's Funniest Home Videos

Sound effects added to make it even more hilarious when my face had

Made devastating contact with the pillar that shouldn't be in the way

Of progress or completely distracted individuals walking to the copy room

Regularly in a hurry to get to the particular destination or appointment

Made it for the most part usually with a lot of sweating and cursing going on

Labelled as having a lead foot by family members when leaving a function

Amazed constantly of their version of Mario Andretti in the Toyota Corolla

Had one coworker nearly fall out of their chair after two slices of pizza

Vanished from my paper plate and into my Hoover vacuum cleaner of a mouth

Told them to accept that going leisurely is not part of this driver's nature

Only one that counted where the local police checking the roadways

If ended up on their radar, speeding ticket likely on the horizon

Struggling to maintain a balance between a brisk and relaxed pace

Have not found it yet, but still a work in progress.

A case where speed doesn't pay off.

A case where speed doesn't pay off.