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Speak Through Me

How can I reach you
If you don’t hear me
If we decide to merge ourselves
Would freedom be lost?
But how would we find our souls
Maybe it’s the opposite
It’s not what I have to say to you
It’s what you have to say to me

I may be hallucinating what I think
But if it’s real to you
Then it’s not an abstraction
I start by talking to myself
Or to my lover (does she know?)
Then you take the words
And they become a thought
You didn’t speak about it to me

Did you think of a bomb on it’s way
And the man who set it free
Flying as we might want to do
But the child that loses his father
Did not think of wings
Instead it was like a magnet
Drawn to someone he loved
But it’s easy to give death wings
By not thinking of you or me

Do we think only of our country
It’s hard to believe sometimes
My birth was a right
It was given to me
As if the land was God
Is humanity good enough here?
But we fight for a reason
Don’t we?
Can someone explain it to me?

What I hope for us is this
If you are quiet
Then you can speak through me
For I am not
Your strength will become mine
And mine yours
You are the sky, I’m the clouds
The pain will come from me

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