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Speak If You Are Free

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Speak of Freedom

Speak of Freedom

I speak because I have a heart and my soul is free

I express love for all nations because that is the way it ought to be

I care because the worldly things shall come to past

I live a life of goodness because dark deeds brings ones soul to loss

Don’t be supressed by groups with deep pockets of suppression

Speak what is right be an advocate for freedom of expression

Love all man as we are equal but different

We never chose how we came to be it was the act of that which is most magnificent

They fight for dominance of Earth, all are agents of evil,

Their hearts belong riches, but shun the care of the people.

Take a look around, everything you do is controlled

Your illness, your depression soon to take toll

Their petty wars and taxes which makes millions of war machines

Yet the world is polluted and needs to be drastically cleaned

Can’t you see we are trapped in some madmen plan?

When will the sleeping awaken and take a powerful stand

But as I look around I see everyone’s head down

Pressing buttons and tangled in the web of clowns

While they light massive fires to bring forth their burning king

Churches collect and look forward to tithes and offerings

Everyone caught up in their own corner of survival

Until it is too late and we are too weak for a unified reprisal.


© 2020 Clive Williams

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