Space Rhymes

Updated on October 26, 2017

Space Jam

Last Laugh

An NBA player named Micheal Jordan.
Joined a sport that his dad called Golden.
It was fun until he actually played.
He saw that the sport was what it made.
Knowing this, Jordan still stuck with it.
He was assigned a personal assistant.
& a publicist named STAN PODOLAK.
To smoothen his career. To keep him on track.
Meanwhile, off in outer space.
An amusement park is looking for a face.
So MR.SWACKHAMMER sends his minions.
To earth to go and get it.
The minion's names were NERDLUCKS.
They were going to bring back daffy duck.
Daffy Duck and the rest of his looney clan.
Come up with a plan.
He sees them being very small.
So they agree to play basketball.
The Nerdlucks realize they are small.
So they find talent that is tall.
Tall, NBA current players.
They transform into NBA monsters.
They easily intimidate the Looney tunes.
So the Looney tunes make room.
Make room for the best player ever.
MICHEAL JORDAN there is no player better.
Micheal has been sucked down a hole.
Offered to have complete control.
Control of the entire team.
But he declines until the monsters team.
The monsters team insults him.
They also humiliate him.
He then decides to play.
Sending Bugs and Daffy for his gear to play.
The day the game begins.
It looks like the Monstars will win.
They dominate the 1st half.
But the looney tunes get the last laugh.

Tune Squad
Micheal Jordan
Danny Devito
Bugs Bunny
Billy West
Darnell Suttles
Daffy Duck
Dee Bradley Baker
Joey Carmen
Lola Bunny
Kath Soucie
Dorian Harewood
Stan Podolak
Wayne Knight
Steve Kehela

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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