Sounds of the 1970s: Glam Rock Artist

Updated on November 26, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

How do you define yourself truly in this particular era

Where everyone worked very hard for the most part

To think and look outside the box of normality

Gender bending and songs that expressed taboo subjects

Expressing yourself and sounds of style mixed with substance

Talking about a message without appearing overly preachy

Just the way to turn off the key demographic

Aimed to please and thrill at the same time

Searching for fans who felt misunderstood and needed something

They could identity with in a way without being forced

To fit into a tight and narrow category of who they were

And what they supposed to be like

No one definitively knew that answer from 15 to age 36

It wasn't possible to be that definitive in your identity

Okay, you knew some core elements of your true nature

Honesty, kindness and the right bit of rebellious streak

Artists like Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Pink Floyd

Knew how to break barriers and let the young defiant ones

Be free and themselves in any capacity they chose

Wearing make-up, heels and singing about world at large

Love disguised in exploration and darker motives

A time for cynics who lost faith in familial stability

Divorce rate starting to continue steep climb

Since 1960s optimism took a nose dive and nuclear families

Ended up imploding over the weight of too much pressure

Women started being more defiant and getting out of the kitchen

Went to work right next to men instead of just being pregnant

Realized that bodies were meant to work hard instead of cleaning house

Women rocked just as hard as men in singing rock and roll

Playing guitar and headlining bands usually controlled by confident men

Time for meaning to come from beyond being a gender stereotype

1970s meant to break through convention and create something new

Develop new ground that past decades failed to articulate

Afraid of shirking responsibilities and what was defined as normal

This decade proved that normalcy was relative and irrelevant

All in the same passing sentence without even trying

Simply about tearing down those destructive walls

Still a lot of work left to do and develop in with each passing moment

Setbacks come and fast and fiercely depending on state of nation

Meantime, finding out what made this narrator tick

More than just simple eye candy for men to stare at or play with

Like a dime store Barbie doll ready to bend at will

Playing another record Bowie to inspire the inner misfit to come out

And dance a wild movement of freedom

Sounded a little silly, but it helped to be that way

Self expression worked mysterious ways, even at it's most infantile

Better to be childish than not feeling anything at all.

Ziggy Stardust at the height of his early fame.
Ziggy Stardust at the height of his early fame.


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