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Sounds Indescribable, Colors Anew

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

It started out as a typical late-night drive

Just me, you, and exhaustion

It followed us everywhere


Could never really pinpoint why

Even during the weeks of excessive hibernation

Exhaustion comforted us all the same

The radio serenaded us with a soft piano ballad

That I had heard many times before

Stale, but familiar

Just like the colors of the night

A Crayola box of colors that pranced around

In a lovely dance unappreciated by all

For the beauty of the night eluded the many people who were out

They looked to be elsewhere, either past or future, but never present

The present has become too dull

And exhaustion accompanied them in every step

You were bothered by this

As you asked me, “do you think they’re happy?”

I responded blankly

“I’m not so sure”

You seemed dissatisfied with my response

To comfort you, I added with words I hardly believed

“How could they not

For it’s such a beautiful night”

You reply with a fire in your voice

“But is this real beauty?

I can’t accept it to be

No matter how vibrant the colors may be,

No matter how powerful the music we create,

For there must be…


Something More

Someplace out there where the sounds…

The sounds are indescribable

Colors Anew.

Somewhere unfamiliar

Somewhere unknown

Somewhere I’d like to be”

We didn’t talk for a while after that

All that could be heard was the piano ballad

Which began to sound less and less



The end of the road neared

Following that

Was a cliff.

I began to turn around

But then I caught a glimpse of your eyes

Eyes that spoke very clearly

Eyes that revealed unspoken truths

Eyes that expressed an emotion yet to be defined

Eyes that said

“We will be okay.”

Because for you, the cliff wasn’t a dead end

But a path unpaved

A smile formed on my face

And my foot became lead

It was at that point exhaustion bailed

For it couldn’t make it to the place we were going

Wherever that may be

Our car soared through the air

We exchanged our love for each other

As the pianist hit their last note

And the tired world

Once filled with outdated colors

Faded to black