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Sounds In Nature

Alex has been a photographer since he was in grade school. He has a diploma in digital photography. He thoroughly enjoys various arts.

Sounds In Nature

Who has heard the whispers in the wind.
The stories of the prophet Adam?
He, it is said, talked to the Creator.

Does not the earth rumble with Eve's legacy?
Has one ever heard "Sophia" mumbled quietly?
Or, are her voices now dead to time?

Have the mountains told you of Abraham?
The despiser of the confusion...
... confusion between Creator and creation, no?


Or, what of Moses? The water parting.
Did he not find the one who am prior to was?
The image of Akenaten some say.

And, we have read about King David.
The man who is thought to have bathed in sin,
and washed that sin away in his own tears.

Is Lehi's son Nephi forgotten...
... forgotten to the burrowing critters?
His teachings seen in the rays of the moring sun.


John the Baptizer has testimony.
Can't we see it in the movements of the waters?
Or, in the splash of an innocent's blood?

Oh, the heavens and almost all the earth...
... the earth has heard of Jesus the Nazarene.
His memory walks between our dreams.

Muhammad's name is chanted throughout the land.
Men speak of how he listened to the angel Gabriel.
The man who ate the words of an archangel.


If we place our ear to the ground,
we might discover Joseph Smith Junior's legacy.
His righteousness is rarer than fine gold, no?

Who among us is like Thomas S. Monson?
A man who valued every tear shed by a woman.
Is this not someone to be revered by the saints?

What is inside of the wind's breaths?
Why do the many mountains care to suggest?
When should the notes of the trees be respected?

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger

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