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I Love You from Afar

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Bambe is a Professional Science Teacher. She also spends her time in poem-making and indulging herself deep in the emotions of the poem.


The Sun shines at its brightest

There, I saw you at your finest

That Smile, it never leaves my mind

I want to own it, so I'll be kind

Your ways and words are so enticing

Your entire self is mesmerizing

Though we are distant and apart

My string of love wants your heart

"Lub-dub, Lub-dub!" All I can hear

My heart is bursting, I can't bear

My darling, what have you done to me?

You took my breath away, let it be!

"Lub-dub, Lub-dub!" All I can hear

The street noises pass, Still, I don't care

My crazy heartbeats, All I want to hear


I wish you to hear me and be near

For now, linger, my love, as if we are close

My Darling, I love you from afar

© 2020 Bambe

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