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These poems hold deep to me. I didn't even bother with photos or trying to doll it up I wanted the words to speak for themselves. I go through fights with myself everyday. I believe at the end of the day it's making me who I need to be in the future so bear with me.

"I'm fine."

I'm beginning to believe I'm not meant to be happy.
The second I think joy has gotten me
Mad, angry and tears wraps around my neck and chokes me to death staring died in the eyes to whole entire time
And when someone asks me I reply "I'm fine."
Cause no one wants to hear
That my pillows soaked in tears
And I haven't felt true lasting joy in years
And I'm so angry I want to crash my car into a another car so that others can feel my palpable pain
And blood like my spirit is completely drained
They just want to hear "I'm fine. I'm okay."
So it makes them feel better
So they can say at least they tried
They saved the day
Give them the key to the city
But what's worst is I can still feel their pity
It's come clearly as "I'm fine. I'm okay. Somehow I'll find a way."
But I never do and they never tried
And I hide my face so they can say I never cry
I never lost my smile
I giggled and maintain my composer
I consoled her she's fine.
That's what she said.
Breaking news African American female found died.

Before going on to the next poem. Black girl magic is about those feelings every girl has where they feel like their best sucks. I know I do most of the time. So I hope you enjoy.

That black girl magic.

Y'all know it's black history month

And magical coco brown chicks everywhere is doing something to shine.

Them melaninated thick curl type girls are coming to slay

Coming to lay the streets golden glitter

And I just can't figure if my mom lost mine

I mean in those 9 months I didn't even get a chance to rise like dust

I guess im the only black girl who can't run the world

Cause I tried I swear I did

I went to school like other black girls do

I read books cause they say the magical black women do

I even cued to cute black girl smile when I get compliments from black kings as a queen should choose

The soul train must have pass me cause I still don't have those black girl curves

I see what all the rest of the milk chocolate girls serve this world and I'm just giving spam

Check my emails check my dm's I haven't found it there

I mean can someone find one of those black girls who ooze the magic like Oprah, Beyoncé, septima SOMEONE send me some.

Now I could explain if you don't mind but I feel like it's a poem you have to feel and go through to understand. Its one of my soul poems and I hope you enjoy it.

If you don't mind

pain keeps plaguing me

The memories they stay with me

Dance with me

They smile at me in the darkness and even more in the light

They rock me good night

used to stand ball my fist up

And atleast try to fight

I got tired of get battered

Tired of these bruises

I brushed off I dusted off

But at what cost

Look what I lost

Look who I lost

And can I get it back

How do I get it back

Someone got all my stuff

And they don't even know they got it

Well I want me back!

I want ALL me BACK!


I mean if you dont mind

This a poem for my blues lovers. I like to image it to a tune when read it.

I'm alone.

You ask me if I have the capacity to do

I wouldn't do it if it was the only choice with a gun to my head saying choose it.

If there was a million men beating me in my head with crowbars

I'll still wouldn't turn on you

Put my hand on the Bible

Go to hell with my rivals

Look the judge in his face and say never did it I was there

I don't care if I was sitting belted up in an electric chair

I would perm my curly locks if you asked me too

I would walk the desert sand without any shoes

Theirs just one thing I ask of you dont hurt me when you see what I would do for.

I would write a bad check at a bank let it bounce let my credit drop that's how serious I feel when you bring the subject up about us

And the fact that you could think differently

And you could leave without a trace

Let me go

Like you would try to replace me

Like some girl could even face me

The very fact that you would put my name in the same race with any female forget the retail

Like you soul could match mine

Like you would have the same vibe

Like you would feel the rhythmic air vibrate with your finger in her hair

But you would let me

You would let me....

Feel as inadequate as just some other female?

I guess when I fell I fell alone

I keep knocking and banging at your head but no ones home

I guess I'm bae

We together...but im alone.

Welp that was the last of my soul poetry. I do comment back often and enjoy reading comments made so feel free.

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