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Soulless Sabotage

Characteristically I find, I have circumvented this abominable existence,

Until my sensibility is blackened deafly numb.

To which I am a prisoner of its vile artifices.

Awaiting release to the cruel root of nature’s ground,

Lest I shall find refuge in the arms of a saviour unknown.

These tears have haunted me,

Through years there echo remains.

The painful shadows linger,

Never venturing further then my homes heart.

Whilst I despise myself evermore,

Till vexatious sentiment is all I can impart.

You may have been my salvation,

Yet the force of this corrosive tenebrosity,

Instilled my merciless sickness from within upon your path.

So monstrous in nature that you recoiled and repelled,

Awaiting anxiously to turn back.

Tenderness, warmth and amorous affection,

Were eradicated within one breath,

Permitting this lives accumulated affliction to continue to seek out its very death.

Eager to resist the mere hope of release,

Facing eternal existence as a begrudging captive,

In this my own demonic abyss.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge