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Soulful Loving Child

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


There is no fear like the present fear.
Deep within, a fear like no other.
The fear is near but certainly not dear.
In this exact moment it smothers.

Try as I might, I encourage my fear to take flight.
Fly away to the ends of the earth.
Don’t return unless I need you for a good fight.
I no longer welcome you upon my berth.

As I abandon the foul thoughts of my fears,
I loose myself in the depths of my mind, heart, and soul.
A longing comes over me to entrust someone dear.
That someone is me and I become my goal.

Digging deep inside I search for the source of my loving self.
Where is my soulful loving child?
I know she’s there somewhere, perhaps sitting on an old dusty shelf.
Or has she gone away with her ego to run wild?

I call for her to return.
Come back and show me your enchanting awareness.
I know you love me, don’t you know?
You’ve showed me, you told me so!

And how do I love you in return?
Show me, enlighten me!
My heart remains firm.
Speak to me, help me be me.

I will express to you that I love you.
Do I even know the meaning of the word?
Teach me your sage discernment.
My acceptance is of immense accomplishment.

I take you in as you take me in, as we share our love for each other.
We become one, maturing with each another expanding with the ripples of time.
Our perception of each other allows us stability for all the ages.
As each full moon rises I cherish the memories of your sage wisdom taught with an everlasting awareness, love, and affection.

She Told Me, She Told Me (Marcos Valle) 1968

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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