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Soul Mates Like I Do

Jessica has been a poet and writer since she was 9 years old. She has had 2 Poems published in poetry magazine's.

Photo: Different View, By: Jessica Jade

Photo: Different View, By: Jessica Jade

You look at me with contempt.

I’m so scared of you when you act like this.

Am I really so unworthy,

To call my life into jeopardy?

I know I’ve made mistakes,

Taken you for granted,

Thrown numerous things in your face,

But don’t the good times count for something?

The thousand things we have in common,

Doesn’t it make you wonder,

If we will ever be happy without one another?

I don’t know what you went through,

But I know for me, it was impossible to replace you.

Maybe then I should find the blame in myself.

I was the one who left,

Even though I had my reasons,

Nothing can excuse my actions.

I should have stayed.

I should have seen that I was to blame.

Now every single time you look at me,

I wonder what it is that you see.

I wonder if you feel you even know me.

The way I look at myself,

Really I can’t help.

But it is you that I want,

To see me in a slightly different font.

If only you could see,

Just how much you mean to me.

Then one day maybe all of this will go away,

And you can see me and you,

As soul mates like I do.

© 2018 Jessica Jade Robinson

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