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Soul Color: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

Soul Color

Soul Color

Soul Color

All souls pattern after time without color
Born with pure white and plain
It grows splattered with color stains
Enlarging gives the color of life around it

It's About the Color of My Soul
After some come in blush
Forcing, seducing and intimidating at times of neglect
I offer a blue ocean that won't burn
It will not dry up with hatred
It won't roll like a tsunami
But only sweet ripples convey the message.

It's about the color of my soul
After something comes in, it needs to give bright and warm yellow
Smiling when giving a wound
Laugh with a thousand faces
Whispering pierced when cloudy covered in tears
Then returning to give light forgetfulness has left the feeling empty
I deal with the peaceful look of foliage green dew
The one that continues to grow enlarges after being forged hard by a look of disgust
Those who rise when trampled on lies on the sidelines of deception
I declare we don't have the same color.

It's about the color of my soul
The same as you made
Don't try to ask if you are as beautiful as a rainbow
And I just keep the colors on the edges.
Please become valuable gold
I also don't have a taste for it.
I just want to remember.
We were both White.
I accept your color that shines brightly
Leaving memories
Always calm
But I only know. That you are gray.

© 2019 Halley Kawistoro

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