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Sorry, I Am Not Sorry

Author loves travel, books, music, photography, poetry, all of which are the inspiration for her compositions.


I'm Sorry

I'm sorry...
For not being enough for you
For being so slow to take the hints that you had for a while been giving me so
With the loss of warmth in your embrace
With the sadness reflected in your smile, in your gaze

I'm sorry...
For being so naive as to think
That ours is a ship that would never ever sink
For believing that you were holding my hand to save me from drowning
When all you wanted was for me to let go,
Pushing me away, you hurriedly started paddling

I'm sorry...
For holding on to you far too long
Thinking that we can make right whatever it is that had gone so wrong
For hoping that once again we could make it past this hurdle
That together we'll weather the storm and we'll never ever crumble

I'm sorry...
For not letting you go gracefully
For disregarding my pride, having been clingy
For still fighting for you despite realizing
That it was a losing battle as you've long ago waved the flag of surrender

I'm sorry...
That it took me this long to come to this day
When to you I can finally, confidently say
That despite all these things that I am sorry for
I am at peace - mind, heart and soul
Because until the very end I did everything, fought through it all


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