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Oluwatobiloba is an undergraduate of the University of Lagos and a lover of poetry.



I gawp at people scrambling for peanuts,

At the detriment of their future.

Actions and inactions robbing them of collective happiness.

The leaders of the morrow have waited and are waiting still.

Till the whole cosmos is destroyed,

There would always be a morrow.

Sophistry is when, after the race for power,

Our messiah-elect neglects us to feed

On the peanuts gathered before the race.

Watching over us from abroad,

Arriving like the prodigal son,

Warning against hate speeches.

Unity is a must, is impoverishment a must too?

Sophistry is when prices double,

Our supposed messiahs show ruthless sympathy.

When did it become a norm,

To live on debts?

Or a form of good change to rule from abroad?

Is this a ruler or a travelling secretary?

Yet, the previous power takes the blame.

Sophistry is when they run ivory towers,

They can't trust,

With their offsprings abroad.

Commoners are left with no choice.

Criticisms and strike actions,

All on deaf hears.


Sophistry is when our supposed messiahs,

Suffer from kleptomania.

Corporate robbers in exotic wheels,

Cruising past the farmished,

Bowling out staples.

People scrambling, murdering their own future.

Wait till the next race,

Observe, people will still get trapped

In the web of sophistry,

And brainwashed with the sauce of sugar-coated lips.

The giant of Africa will get her cure,

At the coming of our Lord.

We are losing solace already.

We should not use arms,

Let's use our pens,

And since we should not fight,

Let us pray!

© 2019 Odunlami Oluwatobiloba Grace

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