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You have always been here, but you've
never noticed her as she really is; you've
looked for a woman who cooks, takes care
of your garden of flowers; but inside her
resides a disciple of the Eternal Feminine:
The Mater Gloriosa — she is the mother
of all sentient (living) creatures — she is
the queen of the earth — and in her dominion
lions and deers love each other, live peacefully

You have always been here, but you've
never noticed him when you've looked yourself
in the mirror — inside of you there
resides a disciple of the Pater Profundus:
the Eternal Masculine — he is the acquirer
of knowledge and wisdom — he is the commander
of all inanimate objects, he is the prince
of the earth — and in his dominion
all the races live joyfully together, as
neighbors — there is abundance — there is no
poverty anywhere.

Pater Profundus is the son of Mater Gloriosa;
mater gloriosa has no husband. Pater profundus
has a friend, named "Doctor Maximus". Many
people have been doctor maximus. In 1593,
it was William Shakespeare; in 1766, it was
Immanuel Kant; in 1808, it was
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

This trio, taken as a whole, runs and guides
the relationships in the world. If you are facing
any problem, go to, and file
your petition.

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