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Soothing Nights


Peace That Lasts

Whatever the day has made

The night returns with calmness

Viewed by many

All wonderful versions of mellow

It is here where we can sleep and dream

So different than what we experience in our physical form

Having so many things to do and places to go

Always seeing but never really understanding

Interacting with so many different people

All with a range of attitudes and interests

So foreign to my own agenda

As I dive into the action

I am more of an observer than an active participant

For many years

The roles that I followed

To seek and search

Often missing the best choice of all

To discover

Trying to find a place

Where all I had to do is stretch

Then I could feel

We should not be concerned with all things

Because that is a major character flaw

Our vehicle of transportation is easily abondoned

When we return at a later date

Effortlessly trying to fix

Any old problem that exists

Many times too late

To change the outcome

That we had always hoped for

Little did we know

There was a way

Finding the real me

Under so many layers of authenticity

All claiming their rightful place

None of which I want

In time it will sort itself out

We can stop feeding the inferno

The energy will flow quite well

With a sliver of inspiration

Persistant willingness

We can only then

Rediscover the world and it's true nature


DREAM ON (author) on May 10, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee I love the way you talk about your day and the current events. I try to read the newspaper and some of the headlines drive me crazy. When I struggle to write and enjoy all the lovely treasures of life some people throw them away and hurt other people for no reason. I read about another senseless shooting and so many people affected by the shooter or shooters evil ways. I know most people are good and work so hard just to make ends meet. The people I really care about that are good friends I somehow put them on the back burner while I try to sort life out. I want to share good things and sometimes bad things make their way through. I can't imagine the sadness and struggles so many people have. It becomes overwhelming for me. So I turn to my wife and hold her and Charlotte our cat and pat her and make them so comfortable and safe. I appreciate you responding to three hubs so fast. Most of the time you are the first to read and comment. It takes me a while to get back to you but and I love to hear all the amazing good and the little bad that enters your day. It puts life in perspective and keeps us balanced. Happy Friday. May today be beautiful and warm. More rain today here. We had one incredible day of sunshine yesterday. So I am not complaining.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 06, 2019:

Everything is usually peaceful in my little world however now and then online the world does come crashing in. Two things good and bad. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a baby boy and Russian Aeroflot crashed at Moscow killing many people. That provides me with my dose of reality and the looking out the window and seeing in the sunshine shadows two ears appear and I know my Sid is coming for lunch. Presently he is polishing off my corned beef hash and egg breakfast.

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