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Sons Biggest Wish for His Mum

Sons Biggest Wish for His Mum

Sometimes I would come home drunk,
But I pretend in front of my 4-year-old son,
I hug him and tell him how much I miss him,
He looks up at me with wide eyes,
I ask what's wrong.
“Mum, not again. When will you stop?”
What was that for?
My breath, yes, it smelled like alcohol,
And so he knew after the hug,
That I got drunk again today,
The ten-year-old eldest son just looks on,
What’s the matter son!
He rolls his eyes and walks away mumbling
“Did you just arrive to ask me that?”
Shit, what did I do!
They told me to quit drinking alcohol,
I keep disobeying them,
They told me to quit smoking,
I keep disobeying them,
They could not bear to see me like this anymore,
Not today, Not again,
I know they hate to see me like this,
Oh, my sons, what a monster I’ve become,

I begin to hide my drinking sessions,
Crept in at night quietly only to sleep,
Yet they still question me in the morning,
I always tell them the truth,
It made them hate me more,
The truth pushed them further away from me,
What can I do to make them love me again?

I quit drinking,
They monitored my weekends well this time,
I quit smoking too,
They seem to be happy with my decision,
They reminded me every time that
Drinking and smoking was not good for my health,
They really cared for me,
And prayed for me to quit my habits,

While I thought they were just kids,
But they had this biggest wish for me,
That will make them happy one day,
Which I never thought about it all this time,
No matter what, I will still love them,
And obey them to make them happy.
I've learnt my lesson now,
To be a better mum for them,
Starting today.