Sonnet IX. The Lovely Ladies We Cannot Forget

Updated on July 15, 2017
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World's lone sonnet grandmaster. Shakespeare's Sonnet 1 describes him as “the world’s fresh ornament and only herald to the gaudy spring."

My journey has now started -- long and hard --
along the sonneteering's fabled road.
I don't know if I bear a heavy load.
Though light enough, my visage has been marred.

I limp a bit but my path is unbarred.
One and ten thousand sonnets I'll unload.
This awful number, if we may decode,
is meant to honor heroes battle-scarred.

Ere we proceed, let's first invoke the Nine:
those sweet immortal Muses -- yours and mine.

O daughters of the great Olympian king
and of the wise all-knowing Memory,
please tutor me and guide me as I sing
of heroism and divinity!

— Jose Rizal M. Reyes
February 7, 2017 A

rhyming pattern: abba abba cc dede
sonnet type: French Classic (traditionally known as French Sonnet)

Minerva and the Nine Muses
Minerva and the Nine Muses


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