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Songs / In Uniform

Born without a clue. A lifetime later, situation largely unchanged. Nevertheless, one perseveres.....


In Uniform - the song

In Uniform

Half my friends are hippies, living in tents and trucks

Camping in the winter, following the sun

Come down for the solstice, hang around the stones

But all they ever found, was military clones

Wiltshire police, Thames Valley too,

Ministry of Defence, bloodthirsty mob of blue

Heavy, macho, boys..... In uniform

Well I used to love 'em but it's all over now......

Got plastic on their faces, batons in their hands

Plastic shields and wire mesh, bolted on their vans

Got helicopters in the air, got road blocks on the ground

Sergeants and Inspectors, running all around

Got license to smash, got license to spill

Got license to break teeth, got license to kill

Thick, stupid, boys..... In uniform

Well I use to love 'em but it's all over now......

Come crawling through the hedges, come charging across the fields

Come brave ready for anything, hiding behind their shields

Start to hit the women, start to hit the men

Start to hit the children, then do it all again

Smashing up the buses, smashing people's homes

Smashing people's faces, breaking people's bones

Educationally sub-normal delinquents........ In uniform

Well I use to put up with 'em but it's all over now......

They're doing it all on overtime, at the taxpayer's expense

Answerable to no one, they don't have to make no sense

The Inspectors are freemasons, the sergeants kiss their bums

The goons that do the trashing are the mindless and the dumb

Over paid and over perked, overfed on rot

Over exposed to TV violence, under exposed to thought

Disturbed, alienated, psychopaths......... In uniform

Well I used to put up with 'em but it's all over now......

© 2020 Deacon Martin

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