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Songless Bird Without a Wing - A Woman's Love

Jackie Lynnley shares emotional times in her life in hopes of touching someone with like thoughts or feelings, feelings from the heart.

This is a poem about my mother who was from a fairly well to do family but fell for my dad, who her family saw as not good enough.

They met at church. I do think the church was a means of meeting other young people at that time and probably the reason many went to church. Of course, the parents are not going to question their children wanting to go to church. I am sure it was night time services and probably many of the young people lingered together outside, before and after services.

I understood completely my mother’s family not being crazy about my dad. It took me many years to get to know him and get close to him, although he was always a kind and generous man. He was a very jealous man, of my mother. As silly as it was to me growing up, I knew my dad never forgot the boy my mother was seeing first at that church where they met. I do not, nor never will, understand this sort of jealousy and I know it drove my mom crazy. Of course, she told us kids and at least one or two of her sisters so probably they all knew. I suppose I, like them; wished one day Mom would just leave him. But as much as my mom may say about Dad; no one else had better not. She loved him and that finally become clear to me and that she would never leave him.

Maybe it was only because of health and not goodness of heart but my dad did change before he died and he loved my mother to the very end…as she did him. He had a stroke before he died but was on the road to recovery when another malady cost him a very slow and painful death.

More than one encouraged Mom to start to live once my dad passed away but instead, she started to die. Mentally she simply slowly checked out. This poem is about that.

Two Hearts Entwined


Parents Fights


Just seventeen when she married

Long raven hair and hazel eyes

Long beautiful legs, slender curves

Turned the heads of many guys

She fell deep in love with only one

Even though her family did not approve

He was from the wrong part of town

This time and age it was her move



Knowing they never liked him much

She knew too what it would cost

Her life would not prosper greatly

Freedom too was pretty much lost

He was always a very jealous man

More than once they would fight

If someone just looked at her

Hell to pay all through the night

Yet, songs were always in her heart

Forever whistling a merry tune

She waited up for him every night

Sometimes sleeping til almost noon

So Happy Together


Together they had seven children

Adding fuel to what others thought

Hard sometimes to make ends meet

Reason too they sometimes fought

Yet, for the most part she was happy

Whistling through all of those years

The battles were brief and seldom

There were not really many tears

She raised summer vegetable gardens

Stripped the ripe fruit trees on hand

Worked tirelessly for weeks on end

Until it was every little bit canned


Making up the slack to what was needed

She learned to cook so well and then to sew

They loved and laughed much of the time

Then after an age they stayed on the go

Together now more than fifty years

He had sometimes done her bad

Some hurts that just wouldn’t die

Thoughts that made her very sad

Money didn't really mean so very much

She truly never wanted for a thing

No, she had not lived like the Jones's

Yet her life had known a little zing


Songless Bird Without a Wing

Suddenly then...she was all alone

He was gone forever and she was free

Or so that is how others saw it

Thinking she deserved this time to be

No more humming a merry tune

She had no gaiety left to give

The zest for life was truly gone

She just had lost the will to live

Her life now was just so sad

He took with him her desire to sing

No whistling did she do anymore

She was a songless bird without a wing


© 2017 Jackie Lynnley

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