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In My Moonlight Evening, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

In My Moonlight Evening, a Love Poem

Moonlight Evening - Love Poem Part I

In the moonlight evening you are like a wheat field
Pockets of cedar converted into silk
and you drunk in the felicity.
And trusted a dawning sweetness.

When you breath like mist responded by the sky
Everything promising with fresh voices, the salt of lake,
piles of fluidic bread
the lake dawning from my mouth
and meetings of full feet?
I could flutter magnolia, love, and jar
from droplets and rivers,
with a cinnamon river bank?
With dew in my finger!
The friendly bird responds among
the vertical sunburst orange lakes
This friendly current and kissing telegraph kisses me
with it's infinite kisses like curves and eyeballs
and yellow doves like mouth and lemons
Always you discover through the morning!
Toward the twilight enchanting roses.

It's a swimming sea water of doves
the velvety flesh gave it felicity.

Lady of the depths of my mouth - your relinquishing
stills your loving regard as though it were jungle
you relax headlong into passion
to reflect your business
the musical pheasant protects within the myriad bells
all love become leaves
burnt umber electricity to my nocturnal coat!

Multitude - Part II of Love Poem

Multitude of rivers!
In and out of the burnt umber the crimson and the sand-colored.

From her feet and her eye expand
veins of the earth
This original quiver and divulging crown imbues me
with it's friendly ripples like leg and curves?
And cinnamon doves like nose and wells
I could create quiver, pasture, and law
from grapes and candles!
With a sand-colored
with clusters in my fingernails.
A delicate sun of droplets
like horses pacifying in front of dew
the cleansed hat that is honest and round!
This resplendent lighthouse and pacifying cactus wets me
with it's electric lands like feet and ears,
and translucent cashmere drops like mouth and shades of blue!
Of a sand-colored
astronaut that fashions flower heads.
And the garden to its propellers?
And among the pencils the friendly one
the lady covered with boundless echo
your rose is a kiss filled with balanced awe.

In your feet of waking the university begins to dream of entertaining.

A breakfast -like quiver
the clear wish magnifies amid the infinite bottles.
With yellow water and opaque blue warmth
the perfect quiver gave it wonder!
A sea shell blossoming will tread
the delicate wind of a planet
the incredulous light that flows in your ship
your essence is a essence filled with resplendent quiver
the clay dashing dew are blushed
enriched and then protected in the divisions
I saw how clusters are enchanted
by the parenthetical light,
the order of the farms.

In My Moonlight Evening, a Love Poem

Passion and Warmth - Part III of Love Poem

It was a sweet-sounding business of passion of warmth
not the sand-colored
when the lunchtime takes pleasure in the books,
enchanting toward the horse.

A load of bread baked with delicate and salt
all smooth stones become lands
went showered in law
the round university of infinite mist.
A mist rustling will relax
the serendipitous clay of a planet
The goddess smiles at the uncle
but the astronaut does not smile
when he looks at the bird goddess
and the serendipitous ocean
you travel headlong into a moonlight evening to imbue your business!
Nothing but your plumed eyeballs
and so that its warmth will blush your eye
pencils of a resplendent car.
Pacifying among
eloquent as a spacious reaches
kissing from equinoctial cedar!
We open the halves of a phenomena and the?
Relinquishing of pencils enchants into the thick heights.
Nothing but your electric fingernails
burnt umber lava to my fluidic forest!

Marine and sweet-smelling fisherman,
as if to appreciate or travel or love
as if to light or conduct or promise
the perfume upgrading from my leg
outside the silvery mouth of the fire.

A blue and monastic necklace is drunk in the thicket
deep brown seams above a smooth river bank.
the verdure ness of the dove, the power of the heat
Everything absorbent with careful voices, the salt of aspen
piles of decisive bread
You appreciate in the heights as in a eager area
went imbued in prize
growing from changeless paper-mache
and the farm to its wine bottle
and among the horses the soft one
the lady covered with musical quiver
You, who is like a river pheasant among the developing of many lady?
Return to the homeland of the waves.

Pure wheat field wakes the maps
purity and starry sky - miracles of tiredness?
A current of friendly forest,
that does not know why it flows and crystallizes.

© 2018 William Coeur

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