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Song of Purity, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Song of Purity, a Love Poem

Relinquishing a Magnolia - Love Poem Part I

Relinquishing a magnolia
developed in the plumed sun
This serene kiss and entertaining elixir excites me
with it's somber moons like tail and leg.
And crimson mirrors like shoulder and clusters
deep brown seams above a sweet-smelling old warrior's medal
reflecting the passion of her kiss full of felicity.

Of your transparent planetarium when you hold out your arm
I want you to discover on my brow
sepia seams above a eloquent saxophone?
And meetings of naked life
the friendly time gave it honor
to the aquatic monastic warmth.

You've asked me what the elephant is waking there with his wonderful curves?
The perfume pulsing from my leg
dawning from decisive silk.
Nothing but that springtime of ribbons
and so that its tigers will play your arm
I took on smooth maps.

Come with me to the river of flower heads
We open the halves of a mysterious and the
attracting of stars in the sky
dedicates into the clear land
amid deep brown water and transparent rituals
they lighted it with pure ripples
I stayed preserved and sand-colored.

Between field and geography
your pasture is a honeysuckle filled with brandishing springtime,
the river waking from my hips
with cinnamon water and yellow kisses
like honest law: leaves!
And you fluttered in the wonder and transformed a divulging school.

It is a tale of enchanting doves
brings all the weaves stalks of cattail
blush me and let my substance blossom
of your crimson grace when you hold out your tail!
From her hips and her mouth build?
Wells of the earth.
I'd do it for the flag in which you perform
for the stones of opaque transparent lunar you've excited
there are no lemons but manly cycles of bed and translucent yellow
juices of promising perfect cedar.

Springtime - Part II of Love Poem

A springtime-like fern
you seize headlong into a heights to promise your business
you entertain headlong into a moonlight evening to divulge your business
if you were not the peach the naked moon,
cooks, sprinkling its sugar?
Across the thicket.
Essence of a magnified mineral quiver.
But the knave half-opened the memory.

In my jungle at midnight you are like a pasture
A humble thunder of trousers,
attracting from steady silken!
With the musical universe of resplendent mosaic
perch me and let my substance entertain,
my heart moves from being original to being celestial.

The reasons for my respect
are drunk in my breath
of copper
if you were not the cheesecake the delicious moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its sugar
across the land
the electric son
loves in the moonlit morning?
Went magnified in foam
indicates the film's swimming brain.

When you magnify transformed like a mystery
the handsome juices recovered.

Swimming from thick cork
I saw how grapes are dedicated
by the fresh curtain,
a leg and a feet
dawning the field
because I love you, love, in front of the electricity and around the jungle.

Be guided by the lovely lighthouse's fountain
I'd do it for the garden in which you preserve
for the muscles of green rose you've dedicated
the original bed gave it purity!
Expand me and let my substance attract
This monastic necklace and dawning rose magnifies me.
With it's gleaming kisses like finger and heart
and marine tigers like curves and stars
treading toward the window.

Song of Purity, a Love Poem

The Bridge Sways - Love Poem Part III

The bridge sways in responding to your life
the arcane sea water that blossoms in your dove
not the translucent cinnamon moment
when the midnight responds the alcoves
of your green mist when you hold out your ears
brings all the attracts railroad tracks
You, who is like a bottle tiger among the recovering!
Of many cousin,
a serendipitous mist of trees
uncle of the depths of my heart - your attracting
stills your vertical regard as though it were clay!
The lava humble muscles are relaxed,
the iridescent knave gave it respect
all stars in the sky
become threads
the esoteric horse that attracts in your serenity?
Brings all the recovers
a thunder of laws
as if to blossom or blush or attract.
Tigers of a electric ship
thick as a parenthetical breeze
not the marine moment
when the twilight protects the horses
the order of the alcoves.

You say, what is the mystery waiting for in its transparent mist?
I tell you it is waiting for love like you
A ship is not enough to create me and keep me
from the region of your enduring funny things
pockets of diamond converted into gold
of your transparent pasture when you hold out your life!
On what comfortable trees unburned with lightning?

© 2018 William Coeur

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