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Song of Peace



O, people of my world,

Let's sing a song of peace and unity;

Ask our brothers to cease the fight.

Don't you remember that we are one?

O, sisters and brothers we are one.

Let's sing a song of love and unity;

Acquire peace and forget the fight.

It's better to live in a happy world,

Rather than to die in battle field.

Why don't we build a sweet little world?

And live in it with peace and harmony,

We wish to see the flowers bloom,

And hate to hear the bombs boom.

Come let's sing a song of peace and unity;

Forget the miseries, hunger and fights.

We wish to come out of the dark night of war and worries,

And freshen our minds with the fresh air of peace.

Let us now,

Bid farewell to war and welcome peace.

© 2018 Afifa Saleem