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Song lyrics "Who Me" by Timbo

I am a singer / song writer / musician. Voracious reader and a picker before the show American Pickers.

Song lyrics "Who Me" by Timbo

Sat myself down, had a heart to heart last night.

Said my sorries to the powers that be, all those wasted years.

Spent drowning in tears, tell me who is this person I see.

Well, there was little doubt, and no way out, for the only one sitting there, was me.

Put off till tomorrow what you should have done yesterday you never finish a thing

Box full of excuses pass along the blame

A life taken for granted what a shame

If there were a destination called procrastination you would be king

Better try and understand that the best helping hand is the one which came into this world with you

If it's worth havin it ain't easy ya gotta work hard to play

You can't escape paying some dues

Do we deserve what we get or is life based on fate

Who really decides which path we choose

Is this the last dance or do we get a second chance

You won't survive for long on sympathy

Is human value based on wealth do the poor deserve less respect

Is any one person better than the rest

Is a forgotten promise just a lie selective memory have less sting

Is every word spoken whatcha mean

In this time this space you better find your place

For too soon you'll be out there looking in