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Whispers, Song Lyrics

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Creative Writing, Poetry, Rhymes, and Song Lyrics about God, Family, Heroes, Good vs Evil, and Safety from Predators, dedicated to my sons.

Whispers of Thunder


Sound of Silence - Instrumentals Only - Simon and Garfunkel

Whispers of Thunder

His thunderous Voice reaches the furthest of heights, and the lowest of depths imaginable, but so as not to cause us major heart-attacks or strokes, He speaks with each one of us, softly and tenderly, in whispers.

Whispers of Thunder

Purple Lightening

Purple Lightening

Whispers of Thunder

God Whispers Into My Heart

Holy Spirit, my sweet guide

Within my heart He does abide

Holding that sneaky darkness at bay

While His light shines throughout my day

And His power, that is rooted in my soul

Does console

Inside whispers of thunder

He softens pain that does abound

Pardon sins that had me drowned

Then demons run with no delay

They dare not provoke His wrath in this way

I do thank Him for strength from temptations of the night

I am revived

By whispers of thunder

Yet, my mind often breaks His law

Temptation scourges restlessly

Stealing comfort without mercy;

Stealing treasures beyond costly;

Stirrings of the flesh that distract faithfulness,

I confess

Testing whispers of thunder

“Child” says He, “You can still hear

Whispers of My thunder near;

Sin will not change my love for you;

I am here to escort you through”

And His voice, pure golden lightning rods

Quake the whispers of thunder

To Him belongs my whole soul

My cup overflows with my bowl

And my heart sings out in freedom

As I watch on for His Kingdom

And The Lord says “The joy of this Splendor is here presently within you

In transparent view

Known in Whispers of thunder”

Whispers of Thunder

This thrill of awe consumes my inner-core as the Perfect Peace of His Holy Spirit breathes His Wholeness into me!

Whispers of Thunder



Whispers of Thunder

Lightening Rod

Lightening Rod

Sound of Silence - Vocals - Simon and Garfunkel

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