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Song (A Poem)

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Jo loves writing, she admires the escape to far off places. She valued it so much that she is studying the arts of creative writing.


There's a rhythm and a beat
That soothes a wary soul,
It's the time you soak your feet
In the ocean of rock and roll,

Or the simple elegance
In the slow classic tempo,
Like a soft gentle breeze
With each pleasant echo,

With genres to suit
Each and every personality,
Like colors of a rainbow
Songs bring in clarity,

They are words
Driven from the heart,
That flows like a sound wave
And doesn't break apart,

It can cause your hips to sway
And melt your heart into tears,
Sometimes brings in the sunshine
And wipes away fears,

Songs play on your mood
As you feel them deeply,
It's never expected
As it comes quickly,

Headphones blocks the world out
So you can feel it strong,
So lean back and relax
Feel the beauty of a song.

© 2022 Jo

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