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Son, Did You Forget to Listen?

Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.


What a few misunderstood simple gestures can mean

Or not mean. It depends on the heart or hearts

One time she is a fantasy, a dream, a woman so serene.

So why does she want to tear my soul to dusty parts?

Years ago, maybe eons, I don’t know, we met

Our glances barely held, I was so taken, life’s that way

She talked silently, her spirit giving, an angel, I bet.

We’d meet at the same time, same place, she made my day.

Then, I had a certain, unspoken question I couldn’t answer

Did you forget to listen? Did you my son? You need to . . .

I laughed. She laughed. Later I saw impending disaster,

Did I forget to listen, uhhh, to her? Back in reality she drew.

Son, did you forget to listen? Tis’ a special gift

Not every man or woman can carry such a heavy task

No mountains to break, no sands to sift . . .

Did you learn to listen? I was struck dumb. I did not ask.

Days grew into weeks, months and years

Our hearts understood without really speaking

She loved to laugh, I was weak in shedding tears.

Son, did you forget to listen? Her life is peaking.

We can live together forever, or such was this fool’s line

One of her fiery glances told me one day that I was her burden

But her gentle spirit forbade my moving heart o’er her vine.

Stars separated, waters drew to waves sweeping the curtains.

Such as beauty she was, no pretense, no fake winks

She always knew, I thought she knew, so I just smiled.

Hearing the sunrise split, my mind now rusted links.

Son, did you forget to listen? Look at her tears so piled.

So I went away looking at a brunette beauty that I loved

Worshiped, would have given her my life . . .

I was from the dark clouds, she was from above.

Son, please! Did you forget to listen?


© 2019 Kenneth Avery