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Sonnet about Justice

As a child, I have experienced injustices in the hands of many individuals who have sworn an oath to protect the dignity of every Filipino. I cannot fight. Enduring the suffering, not only me but also the many individuals who have the same experience is the only thing I can be sure of. Growing up, I have seen poor and weak people being mistreated by evils cloaked as men. As I write this sonnet, I have nothing in mind but this reality and the hope that the tomorrow will bring peace to the oppressed and rebirth to the oppressor.

Sonnet 0321: Justice, Serve Me Well

Justice, serve me well; treat me as a man

My plea is but a shelter in the rain,

The crime to be poor is what I have done.

Bear me witness, one who have borne my pain,

If I have to be judged, please just be fair

That I may not pay what I haven't owed,

And suffer like a lamb in lion's lair

While the culprits rejoice in their abode!

Justice, serve me well; test my pure of heart

Like you do to a kin with house of glass!

So, the ground stay even and not apart

With this I say, their words are but a crass

Cursed to harm and afflict the innocence

Of men who cannot fight the violence!

© 2020 Jimmy Bio Jr

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