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Somewhere Deep Inside

In this busy world we often forget to connect with ourselves and the process of healing let's remind it

Somewhere Deep Inside

Somewhere Deep Inside

There’s a world of thoughts,

There’s a world of emotions,

There’s a world of feelings,

Somewhere deep inside

There’s a lake of hard times,

There’s a sea of pain,

But there’s an ocean of good times too.

Somewhere deep inside

There’s a music of words

But no courage to sing

Cause we are not Sure

Whether listener going to like it or not!

Somewhere deep inside

There’s a volcano of wounds,

There’s a lava of mistakes,

Which burst out and cried shout.

Somewhere deep inside

There’s something hidden

Which heeling the world, the Lake, the Sea,

The music, the volcano and the lava.

Its nothing but just your own SOUL!


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