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Sometimes It Is Easier to Relax

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When Things Go Wrong

We try and try to fix the problem

It doesn't seem to matter

We see one big problem and no solution any time soon

I work on it for awhile

Then I try to come back later and see if anything has changed

This time nothing

It is so easy to lose your temper

It doesn't help the situation at all

I have trouble focusing and concentrating

The anger complicates things

I often make lists of choices I have

Later I will start with an entirely new list

Sometimes I will see it in a different light

Time is ticking away

Especially if we have a deadline to get something done

The pressure makes things worse

I relax a bit

Then try to start small

Little changes can snowball

Back to the problem at hand

I will let you know if I make any head way

So far a lot of head scratching and head shaking

Only time will tell

Wishing everyone else with a problem they are dealing with

Great success

See you under the rainbow

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